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Sooo turns out I'm terrible at blogging...

I just am. I'm sure I am meant to blog far more than this, I absolutely love the dog walking, hate hate hate the admin. By the time I remember I should be writing stuff down, I've forgotten what it is I'm meant to be writing.

I do love photographing and taking videos whilst on my walks though so I hope I show my love and my stories through these.

I am still learning about dog walking, luckily I have some of the best teachers around in my Tails and Trails gang. I have been tangled, tied and twisted, I have fallen, flipped and flopped and I have traipsed, tripped and trudged.

I have put my finger straight through a poo bag....several times (slow learner) I have taken a dog back covered in fox poo, which I could not smell due to a sinus infection, when my sense of smell did come back I realised that the dog in question must have rubbed herself over every inch of my car.

Horse manure is also fun for the dogs to roll in, and some of the little buggers are not fussy as to what they are willing to eat. Wrestling on the floor saying "for the love of god spit it out" is not a good look for a dog walker so now I guard the horse poo like a goalie until the dog gives up.

I have learned to double knot my laces before I leave the house, too many times have I bent down to retie them and there's been a snout in my ear or a tongue up my nose.

Dogs are selectively deaf, they cant hear their name being called at 10 metres, but can hear the snack bag spill at 50!

Do not wear lip-gloss, first of all, the dogs think you are beautiful as you are, second, you have a particularly fluffy dog and you'll end up with hair glued to your face.

I've learned the proper names for their body parts (as shown in the medically correct diagram below), found that it pretty much covers all dogs.

These are just a few things I have learned so far, there have been some stressful times and times where I don't want to go out in the rain and hail but mostly there are wonderful, funny 'take a big breath and fill your heart with love' times, thankful that dogs exist and that their owners trust me to care for them.



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