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Teamwork makes the dreamwork

As you can see from previous blogs, I have my own little team behind me, cheering me on. My husband Richard who has been nagging me for ages to do something that I love, quite possibly so he can spend more time doing what he loves (fishing). My daughter Isabelle who no longer wants to walk with me (teenagers ay?) and my son Fletcher who, like me, is totally dog mad and is possibly the most excited about this new venture. Without these people supporting me and urging me to do it I'd still be twiddling my thumbs.

The other two important members of the team are my dogs, Maisie and Bruce, for without them dog walking would just be walking and not half as much fun.

Maisie, aka Miss Maisel is a 6yo Tibetan Terrier. She is small but she is mighty, don't let her size fool you as she is first in to every adventure. Independent and feisty and an awesome warning dog who can tell you the postman is on his way 5 minutes before your mail drops.

Bruce is our 4yo standard Poodle. Half dog, part rug, part cushion. He is a big goofy ball of fluff and is a very good boy. Where Maisie goes, he follows, whether she likes it or not. When in the house he can be found in whichever room I am in, usually attached to my top. Trying to get on with housework with a 30kg dog at the end of your sleeve should be a sport.

These two are an integral part of my socialization training, a large gentle giant of a dog and a small dog who won't be pushed around. They are super friendly and have never caused me a moments worry when around children or other dogs.

We do have another member, and I'd feel super guilty if I didn't mention him, TBH he hasn't helped much at all, doesn't pull his weight and he can be a bit of a t$@t. He also does the most smelliest poos known to man. He's our Bearded Dragon Derp.

So that's us, I'll leave you with a quote from a very wise young man...

Do you know what I feel like right now dad? I feel like tickling a doggo.

- Fletcher Watkins, age 9

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